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CAST teens present...


Two One Act plays that focus on teen topics

Thursday and Friday, October 11 & 12, 2018

7:00 pm

*Doors open at 6:30 pm
Seating is general

"Boxes" by Kendra Thomas
Imagine a world where every teen comes of age by receiving an empty box.  In this unique drama about coping with pressures and expectations from others, Jackie is curious when she receives her box as a birthday present.  Her confusion about the cubed oddity quickly turns to concern when her family, friends, and teachers begin filling her box with their expectations for her.  The heavier Jackie’s box gets, the more burdened she feels by it — and the more Jackie considers following her friend Chris’s lead and throwing her box away.  Before Jackie casts away her own ambitions to relieve her from the stress of needing to please others, a strong supporting cast of friends helps Jackie sort through what matters most and what’s worth holding onto.  Ultimately, Jackie comes to understand that her box is filled, not with other people’s expectations for her, but with their hopes, so that she can create her own goals and dreams.

"Ask Shawna" by Vern Harden
A play about teen drinking and driving
As Shawna heads to a party at her friend’s house, her parents caution her to be careful.  She reassures them that she doesn’t drink, and with a quick kiss goodbye, she’s out the door...  never to return.  This powerful one-act shows how simple and common the events leading up to a night of tragedy can be.  It gives the audience the opportunity to see firsthand that beyond knowing who’s to blame for Shawna’s death, there are other people — even Shawna herself — who share some responsibility for the sequence of events that led up to the catastrophic car crash.  The dramatic script also reminds us that there are other victims whose lives were permanently altered by the fateful decisions made that night.

All Tickets are $10.00 each

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In the original show in 1944, Ronald Reagan was offered the chance to play Mortimer Brewster and turned the part down. Jack Benny was offered the part but also turned it down. Bob Hope was offered the part and was eager to do it but Paramount Pictures refused to loan him out to Warner Brothers for the project.

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