The C.A.S.T. Players
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The C.A.S.T. Players

A group of Manchester-area young people are "getting up a show.” The group, which will stage “Arsenic and Old Lace” on the first weekend in February, is called The C.A.S.T. Players. It has received extensive support from the Children’s Associated Summer Theater, including enormous help with costumes and use of CAST’s building on Summit Street in Manchester.
But four girls started The C.A.S.T. Players on their own. They are South Windsor students Lexie Bayer, 13; K.C. Beauregard, 14; and Laura Wood, 15; along with Julia Carter, 15, of Glastonbury, a student at East Catholic High School in Manchester. Eleven other young people, mostly friends from regular C.A.S.T. shows, are acting in “Arsenic,” as are Bayer and Carter.  Wood is executive producer and director, while Beauregard is stage manager, and Carter is doubling as assistant director.
"Arsenic” is a farce set in Brooklyn, N.Y., about two charming and innocent old ladies, who have advertised a room to let only to have their first prospective tenant die in their parlor. Seeing his peaceful demeanor, they decide to do a service for those who follow him by encouraging them in a similar direction. Their avocation complicates their
relations with one of their two nephews when he discovers a body in the window seat. Hilarious complications ensue.

Acting is a form of deception, and actors can mesmerize themselves almost as easily as an audience.  ~~Leo Rosten (1908-   )

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