The Music Man Parts
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Student names are listed alphabetically

Student Name Character
Arnone, Dwight Train Conductor/General Chorus
Bagcal, Alani General Chorus
Ballard, Sara Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus
Barbabosa, Wyatt General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Bayer, Nick Marcellus Washburn/understudy for Harold Hill/Advanced Chorus
Beauregard, KC Mrs. Paroo/Advanced Chorus
Behrmann, Alexis General Chorus
Besthoff, Lauren Advanced Chorus/Wells Fargo solo #1
Besthoff, Olivia Advanced Chorus/Wells Fargo solo #1
Bockus, Madeline General Chorus
Bollash, Billy Newspaperman #2/General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Bollash, Johnny General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Bouley, Kiley Advanced Chorus
Carterud, Rachel General Chorus
Choate, Marissa Advanced Chorus
Christiana, Sarah General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Clavette, Jeremy Salesman #4/Advanced Chorus/Understudy quartet/Dance Troupe 1
Colanti, Caroline General Chorus
Console, Samantha General Chorus
Courtney, Erin Advanced Chorus/Dance Captain/Dance Troupe 1
Curtis, Tommy Tommy Djilas/Dance Captain/Dance Troupe 1/Advanced Chorus
Desreuisseau, Erica General Chorus
Diana, Lauren General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
DiPinto, Toni Advanced Chorus
Donohue, Beanz Mayor Shinn/Advanced Chorus/Wells Fargo solo #4
Donovan, Brian Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1/Train Swing
Duval, Amelia General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Duval, Caleb Winthrop Paroo/Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Duval, Madeline Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Dydyn, Sara Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Elliott, Rhinanion Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn/Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus/Mrs. Paroo Understudy
Falkowski, Matthew Advanced Chorus/Train Swing/Dance Troupe 1
Fowler, Kathryn Maud Dunlop/Pick a Little Chorus/Advanced Chorus
Gagnon, Paige General Chorus
Gaidry, Olivia General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Gilson, Stephanie Advanced Chorus
Glanz, Ashley General Chorus
Hebert, Jillian Advanced Chorus/Wells Fargo solo #3
Herlth, Kristi Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
jennings, Sabrina Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Kaluna, Kailyn General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Karzar, Cassie General Chorus
Kelley, Mikayla General Chorus
Koboski, Eric Ewart Dunlop/Advanced Chorus/quartet
Koboski, Theo Harold Hill/Advanced Chorus
LaForest, Alex Salesman #3/Advanced Chorus/Understudy quartet/Wells Fargo solo #9
Lundy, Rebecca Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus
MacGlaflin, Mia General Chorus
McGlynn, Katrina Amaryllis/Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Mendoza, Anjelica General Chorus
Mendoza, Julianna General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Mercier, Bobby General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Mercier, Emily General Chorus
Mercier, Jacob General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Mirek, Danielle Advanced Chorus
Morey, Emily General Chorus
Mumford, Gianna General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Nasiadka, Gina General Chorus
Nassiff, Aminah General Chorus
Nevers, Dayna Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus & Swing
Niezelski, Jordan Advanced Chorus
Nunes, Emma Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1/Wells Fargo solo #8
Nunes, Geordan Salesman #2/Advanced Chorus/Understudy quartet/Dance Troupe 1
Nunes, Katie Marian Paroo/Advanced Chorus
Nunes, Sam Oliver Hix/Advanced Chorus/quartet
Oberly, Meghan Advanced Chorus
Ockert, Amelia Advanced Chorus/Wells Fargo solo #8
Ockert, Benjamin Newspaperman #1/Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Ockert, Jonathan Jacey Squires/Advanced Chorus/quartet
Odams, Melanie Alma Hix/Wells Fargo solo #7/Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus
Partney, Rachel General Chorus
Partney, Samantha Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus
Patrie, Brendan Salesman #1/Advanced Chorus/Constable Locke/Understudy for Mayor/Quartet swing
Patrie, Hannah Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Peck, Alyssa General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Pelto, Aliza Advanced Chorus
Pelto, Mara Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus
Porcello, Jeanette Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Porcello, Olivia General Chorus
Rainville, Lily General Chorus
Rainville, Teddy General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Reed, Taylor Advanced Chorus
Reilly, Kaelin General Chorus
Roberts, Katherine Advanced Chorus
Robideux, Michelle Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus
Rogers, Brendan Advanced Chorus/Train Swing
Schwabe, Emily General Chorus
Sena, Ellen Mrs. Squires/Wells Fargo solo #5/Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus
Sica, Joey Olin Britt/Advanced Chorus/quartet
Sica, Sara Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus
Singleton, Kayla General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Smith, Cameron General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Smith, Kylie General Chorus
Soule, Selina General Chorus
Spears, Karen General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
St. Onge, Cassandra General Chorus
Stallone, Cecelia General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Stryker, Kim Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus & Swing/Solo #10/Understudy to Eulalie
Sullivan, Molly Advanced Chorus
Taylor, Eric Newspaperman #3/General Chorus/Dance Troupe 1
Thresher, Matt Salesman #5/Advanced Chorus
Tinson, Emily Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1/Wells Fargo solo #2
Torres, Miggy Charlie Cowell/Advanced Chorus/Marecellus understudy
Vadi, Isabella General Chorus
Vezina, Regan Gracie Shinn/Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1/
Vizina, Jenna Ethel Toffelmier/Advanced Chorus/Wells Fargo solo #6/Understudy to Marian/Dance Captain for Pick a Little & Chorus
VonKaenel, Tori Advanced Chorus
Weaver, Chelsey General Chorus
Wentworth, Laura Advanced Chorus/Pick a Little Chorus
Wilson, Liana Advanced Chorus/Wells Fargo solo #8/Dance Troupe 1
Wood, Laura Zaneeta Shinn/Advanced Chorus/Dance Captain/Dance Troupe 1
Zappulla, Lily Advanced Chorus/Dance Troupe 1

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