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April 28, 2011



My name is Beth Keyt, and I am a proud parent of a C.A.S.T. children’s theatre performer and now, a proud member of the C.A.S.T. Board of Directors.   Like many of you I am sure, I had the type of kid who just couldn’t find what she loved to do outside of school!  Soccer, softball, basketball….we tried it all.  Finally, we found C.A.S.T. and her life changed.  Morgan found her “thing” and it has been wonderful since then!  I am eternally grateful for this program and the opportunities it brings to so many children like her.


Unfortunately, 2011 has been rough financially for C.A.S.T. – it incurred over $7,000 in snow removal fees this year and the boiler in the building went.  Because this is a non-profit organization, there are just not the funds to cover such large, unexpected costs.  However, like many of you, I find the thought of C.A.S.T. having to curtail its wonderful program simply unacceptable.


Therefore, I am launching the 100 for $100 program!  We are looking for 100 people to donate $100 dollars in order to pay for the new boiler and recover some of the snow removal costs.  One hundred dollars may be out of your reach and of course, any donation would be accepted but, if you can, please be part of our 100 for $100 campaign.


I am very proud to say we are already 23 percent of the way there with 23 generous donations of $100!  Would you please be part of this?  If so, please remember that C.A.S.T. is a tax deductible, 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  The C.A.S.T. Tax ID number is: 22-2906484.

If you can donate, please make your checks out to C.A.S.T. children’s theatre.  They can be mailed to C.A.S.T. at:

C.A.S.T. children’s theatre

PO Box 1268

Manchester, CT 06045-1268


Thank you for being part of this if you are able.  Feel rest assured, through your donation, you are changing the life of a child. 


Feel free to call me directly with any questions at 860-573-2817. 

Beth Keyt

Member, Board of Directors

C.A.S.T. children’s theatre

CAST children's theatre
113 Summit Street
P.O. Box 1268
Manchester, CT 06045-1268
(860) 649-5062 ~ (860) 533-1299 - FAX